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SoundCloud Home1

Our portfolio company SoundCloud, which makes one of the most popular apps in the world, is launching a new Home experience in it’s mobile apps today. SoundCloud is the first place musicians post their music and it is the first place listeners discover new artists. In the past, listeners had to use a feed experience (like Twitter) to discover new artists and new music. This experience works well for power users who take the time to curate a following list. But it doesn’t work great for most users. So SoundCloud is launching a new Home experience today which moves the feed to a second tab and replaces with a curated and personalized experience for users. Here is what the new Home looks like:   If you have the mobile app, you should get pushed an update today or tomorrow with the new Home experience It is also available on the web at If you want to stay current on the latest in up and coming new artists, SoundCloud is the place to do that and it just got a lot better at doing that for you.

Cyber Monday 201715

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Old self behavior

A friend recently described a moment he had recently. He was in a situation where he realized exactly what his old self would have done. As he chose a new and different response, he realized how much had changed over the past few years. I go through moments like that every once a while and can speak to how liberating it feels. You know you’d have been tied to a certain script a while ago. But, now, you can choose different. It feels great. I’ve met and spoken to people who are steadfast in their belief that people can’t change – that they think a certain way or are only capable of doing a certain kind of thing. There’s a part of me that always finds that sad. It isn’t sad because they think less of people around them. It is also not because they are always wrong. But, I’ve come to realize that where there is desire and strength of character, change is not just possible. It is probable. And, I am saddened because looking at everyone around us with a fixed mindset confines us to one too. There is certainly joy in watching others change because of something we did. But, there are few more powerful moments in our lives when we’re able to look into ourselves in the mirror and say – “I can change.” The possibilities are endless. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related

How to receive a crappy Christmas present5

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Return On Hard Decisions

I spent much of yesterday going through board decks and other year-end reports. It was an incredibly gratifying experience after a hard year. I spearheaded quite a few restructurings this year. A lot of people lost their jobs as a result of those efforts. It was a year of hard decisions and hard conversations. But as I sat in my office and read through the reports and decks, what came across loud and clear was that we had made a bunch of right decisions. A lot of companies that were wandering in the wilderness are now headed in clear and exciting directions. I continue to feel badly for the people who lost their jobs or quit their jobs in the wake of these restructurings. I realize that many of them had a hard year too and I am sorry for that. But I feel great for the companies who have been revitalized and for the people who are working in them with a jump in their step and a feeling of optimism and purpose. This time last year I had a bad feeling in my gut and was having trouble sleeping. I knew what I had to do and dreaded doing it. Right now, I have a good feeling in my gut and am sleeping like a baby. That is a nice return on hard decisions.