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In the know and oblivious

There was a time when being “in the know” meant meeting a few members of the community who, combined, had all the news. In one catch up conversation, you learnt who was doing what, marrying whom, living where, etc. Being “in the know”, beyond the evolutionary usefulness of gossip, was a useful asset as it meant you had network intelligence. And, such information had the potential to bring insight. Now, of course, you don’t need any such catch up. Your life is full of feeds that keep you “in the know” about close friends, acquaintances, and the like. Network intelligence is just one click away. And, yet, we’re constantly seeking to be “in the know.” So, we’re fed more about the events occurring in the lives of people we’ve met. But, events matter little in the long run. And, a mind overwhelmed by absorbing and keeping track of events has little time in dwell in ideas. So, maybe, we should go the other way and take pride in a certain amount of obliviousness. What if you knew very little about what was going on in the lives of people you met? What if you only looked them up before a business meeting? And, what if you only paid attention to important events in the lives of those who were close to you? Community gatherings become old-style fun again. And, besides, this path may just be comparison-free, mindful, and happy. Worth a try. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related

Cyber Monday 201713

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Predictions 2017 _#8211; Politics

Source: Grading Predictions 2017 on Politics. Hello, America. Big Red Car here on a sunny — going to be 75F today — Monday. Crisp in the mornings, warm in the afternoons. Ahh, On Earth as it is in Austin By God Texas! Merry Christmas. So, today we grade the Big Red Car’s 2017 predictions on politics. How did the Big Red Car do? Politics Predictions 2017 Turns out that Donald J Trump is successfully inaugurated and becomes President which irritates a lot of #NeverTrump folks but they’ll get over it by 2020. Remember, Trump will NEVER get the nomination. True Trump forges an effective relationship with the Congress and, after repealing more than ten Obama Era Executive Orders, gets tax reform through while the Congress returns to regular order. “Effective relationship?” Ummm, not so true. Repealing Obama Executive Orders? True. Tax reform through Congress? Stay tuned. The Trump administration puts a 5% tax on the repatriation of foreign cash holdings by American companies as long as they increase domestic hiring by 2% in 2017. The money flows like the Niagara Falls. Work in progress as part of the tax reform package. Keep your fingers crossed. The Veterans Administration gets straightened out. Long overdue. True. Well played. Rick Perry closes down the Energy Department when he remembers what #3 was. Trump says, “See? Right guy for the job. Love the guy.” Not true.  John McCain and Lindsey Graham oversee Senatorial hearings which conclude the Russians are going to hack anyone who voluntarily coughs up their email password. They hold a presser to announce this. John Podesta says, “Not fair.” President Trump says, “No email for me.” Not true. Though the DOJ did appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Russian tampering and Trump campaign collusion. Campaign lasted three months. Investigation is a year old. Nothing of any importance thus far. Trump appoints a Supreme Court Justice who passes muster with conservatives but irritates Senator Bernie Sanders. The SCOTUS begins to make very conservative decisions and President Trump looks forward to 2-3 more appointments. Game changer and saves the future of America. Thin skinned liberals everywhere whine at very high octave. True. Sightings of Bill and Hillary Clinton are scarce, while donations to the Clinton Foundation dry up. Huh? Chelsea turns over for the Department of Justice and enters the Witness Protection Program. Contributions to the corrupt Clinton Foundation dry up. Chelsea does not enter Witness Protection Program. Bill and Hillary Clinton — like dysentery, hard to get rid of. What Happened? Former President Obama settles into Washington, DC and after a period (six weeks) of silence becomes a constant commentator on everything. He still makes out a NCAA Tournament Bracket, which is slightly better than his Syria policy though the Russians do let him participate after hacking it and leaking it to Julian Assange. The bracket? A huge loser. True. OK, the part about Julian Assange turned out not to be true.  Logan Act? Former Presidents Carter and Obama hold a series of Town Hall Meetings, mediated by Bill O’Reilly, to debate who was the worst President. Obama by a meaningful margin. No Town Hall Meetings. President Obama gets the title: Worst. President. Ever. by acclamation. Bill O’Reilly goes into Witness Protection Program for gropers. President Trump delivers on a surprisingly large percentage of his campaign promises and doesn’t blame President Obama for anything. President Trump delivers like Federal Express. Does a lot of blaming of President Obama for the mess he inherited, but tapers it off. President Trump invites a “deplorable” to every state dinner and lets the deplorable pick the dessert. Most of the deplorables pick cheese cake from The Cheesecake Factory with strawberry sauce. President Trump insists on fresh strawberries. False. What was I thinking? Yesterday went to the Cheesecake Factory for post-church Sunday brunch. Had the cheese cake with fresh strawberries. The Chinese President comes calling and President threatens to serve him cheeseburgers but finally relents and they have chicken fried steak. [You recognize this is #fakenews, no?] Chinese President (dictator) and President Trump become buddies, but the situation in North Korea is still a mess. No chicken fried steak. First Lady Melania charms the birds out of the trees and is the classiest and most stylish First Lady ever. The New York Times discovers, “Mrs. Trump used to be a fashion model and you can hang a dress on that beauty.” Classiest First Lady ever. Well played. I love being First Lady of the United States. Thank you, America. Merry Christmas. OK, so there you have it. A lot of hits and a few misses. Keeping score. But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself. Be kind to everybody else. Merry Christmas (or other culturally appropriate holiday greeting). Source: