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On Tuesday night, our portfolio company Helium launched the Helium Network in NYC. As many of you know, Helium is a peer to peer low bandwidth wireless network that anyone can run a hotspot for. I wrote about our hotspot in our apartment in NYC a few months ago. When you operate a Helium ...

When I was a young associate in a VC firm in my mid 20s, one of the partners told me I should get an annual physical every year and if I did it in the fall, I should get a flu shot while I was having my physical. I have done that every year since and this afternoon I will spend an hour wi...

Back in March 2009, USV hosted an event called Hacking Education. It was the beginning of our effort to invest in the transformation of the education sector. A few weeks ago, USV held its annual meeting, roughly 15 years after we closed our first fund. And our partner Rebecca gave a prese...

Although I am an avid Android fan/user, I am equally fond of Apple’s Airpods. I have used the original and V2 Airpods with great success over the last few years and can’t imagine using anything else to pair with my phone for audio. I purchased the AirPod Pro a few weeks ago and have b...

Our portfolio company Duolingo was the subject of a funny skit on SNL a few weeks ago. Source:

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