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It is tempting to search for the one magic move that will make everything better. A new VP of Sales. A new database layer in your tech stack. A new brand for your company. Moving everything to the cloud. More capital in the business. But it is rarely one thing that a business needs to suc...

This is a talk that Muneeb Ali, co-founder and CEO of our portfolio company Blockstack, gave at their “Can’t Be Evil” summit last month in the bay area. Source:

Coachability? It is a cold, wet day in the ATX with the leaves abandoning their perches and congregating in my pool clogging the skimmers and the filter. As a CEO, you have two dogs in the coachability fight. First, there is your own coachability — do you take well to criticism and ...

On Thanksgiving Day in 1944, Sir Winston Churchill gave a speech at the Royal Albert Hall. The Brits didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the same manner as did the Americans. His speech was titled: To You, America — A Thanksgiving Day Celebration Allow your imagination to color...

A regular reader sent me this project last week and I backed it today and am sharing it with all of you. Source:

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