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Yesterday morning we got the news that Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccine developed in partnership with BioNTech saw 90% efficacy in phase three clinical trials. While this is terrific news, Wall Street saw it as bad news for companies that are doing well during this pandemic (Zoom, Peloton, e...

Series: A Closer Look Examining the News This column was originally published in Not Shutting Up, a newsletter about the issues facing journalism and democracy...

There has been a fair bit of good news in the last 48 hours. Here is some more. I logged onto Twitter just now and saw this tweet from my colleague Matt: Starting this week with as many open jobs as we did before the pandemic— Matthew Cynamon (@mattcynamon) Nov...

I’ve always been a fan of music in the shower. So when a long time AVC reader sent me a link to his Kickstarter project, Shower Power, I immediately backed it. If you are into music in the shower like I am, you might want to check it out and support it too. (Source:

There was a good Twitter discussion of this issue over the weekend between some folks who work in the VC sector. I think it was worth sharing more broadly. Early Liquidity vs Holding (Source:

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