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In global affairs, Power–Risk–Leverage are a three-legged stool whereby nations (both friend and foe) evaluate whether and how they should relate to and work with each other. Countries do not have friends; they have alliances which are driven by changing relationships amongst ...


It was 79F yesterday in the ATX and 46F this morning. We’ll see 60F by the afternoon. Winter is brutal in Austin By God Texas, y’all. Brutal. So, I have been reading up on efforts to create unions at tech firms — talking to you Kickstarter, Uber, Google. While I used ...

I note with interest the to-ing and fro-ing of the senior management of the House of Windsor in the United Kingdom. One of the princelings (together with his recent progeny producer, Meghan Markle, and American; and progeny, Prince Archie) has decided to step back from the life royal and ...

Look at the scratches on this door. It is the door to my office at home from which I have worked for 25 years. Those scratches were made by a Labrador named Bella. She was forbidden to lay on my couch, but I always let her. Whenever I would take a nap, she would lie next to me, every so...

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