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This is a talk that Muneeb Ali, co-founder and CEO of our portfolio company Blockstack, gave at their “Can’t Be Evil” summit last month in the bay area. Source:

Coachability? It is a cold, wet day in the ATX with the leaves abandoning their perches and congregating in my pool clogging the skimmers and the filter. As a CEO, you have two dogs in the coachability fight. First, there is your own coachability — do you take well to criticism and ...

On Thanksgiving Day in 1944, Sir Winston Churchill gave a speech at the Royal Albert Hall. The Brits didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the same manner as did the Americans. His speech was titled: To You, America — A Thanksgiving Day Celebration Allow your imagination to color...

A regular reader sent me this project last week and I backed it today and am sharing it with all of you. Source:

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the American tradition of championing the underdog. If you were knocked unconscious this week or you do not follow college basketball (I would personally prefer my excuse to have been the “knocked out” thing.) then you may not know that the...

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