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Our portfolio company Kik is doing a token offering for its Kin crypto token this coming week. AVC regular William Mougayar interviewed Kik founder/CEO Ted Livingston a few weeks ago and their talk is the video of the week this week.

I love the LA band called Chicano Batman. They did an ad for Johnnie Walker back in January that is very timely right now. Check it out.

I don’t know why we call them Dreamers. Because they get to pursue the American Dream? Don’t we all? These kids, or adults as many are now, were brought to America by their parents and have lived here for most of it. That we would even think that they should not be here is abhorrent t...

I received an over the air upgrade to the Oreo version of Android (Android 8) yesterday. It makes my phone feel even more like an iPhone. Notifications work more like iOS. Google has polished the UI quite a bit and it is a joy to use. I have been saying for several years that Android and...

Regulators in China imposed a blanket ban on ICOs over the long weekend. A number of people have reached out to me via email and Twitter asking me what I think about this. I think regulation of ICOs is inevitable and a good thing if done right (ie lightly). The SEC’s comments on ICOs ba...

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