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I’ve got mixed feelings about Twitter’s experiment with allowing longer tweets (280 characters vs 140). Like many users expressed on Twitter (of course) yesterday, I’m quite fond of the 140 character limit. I don’t like the constraint when I compose tweets, but I love it when I co...

The excellent Quartz newsletter turned 5 years old a few days ago. As part of their 5 year anniversary celebration, they announced they’re selling a book – “The Objects that Power the Global Economy.” They described it as a book that is “equal parts art and journalism.” I bo...

My new book came out today! Source:

Calm, as a quality, is one I’ve been attracted to for the longest time. We tend to be attracted to qualities we don’t possess ourselves. And, calm is no exception in my case. Looking back at the past 3 years, however, I’ve observed growth in my ability to be calm. Even if I have a...

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