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The relationship between profits and social responsibility is a topic I’ve touched on many times here over the years. I believe you can be a socially responsible person, investor, or company and also be a high performing one. I tweeted this yesterday on the news that our friend Shri has...

Our portfolio company SoundCloud is the first place most musical artists post their music, the first place most musical artists are offered an opportunity to monetize their music, and the first place most listeners discover new artists and their music. To celebrate that, SoundCloud is lau...

AVC readers may have noticed that I didn’t blog here yesterday. That’s because I blogged on instead, about our most recent investment. You can read that post here.

Imagine sitting at a magical dinner table that only existed to feed us more of what we like. If we take a morsel of our favorite sweet treat, the next morsel would be a similar or sweeter treat. If we don’t keep tabs on our health often enough, it may be a while before we realize that...

--> Update May 3, 2011: According to various reports, a U.S.-held detainee named Hassan Ghul provided key intelligence on the courier who ultimately led authorities to Osama bin Laden. In 2009 we reported that, despite the U.S. gover...

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