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If you are curious what the state of play is in the US regulatory stance towards crypto and blockchain, the best place to turn is Coin Center, the crypto industry’s voice in DC. And in this podcast, Coin Center’s Director of Research Peter Van Valkenburgh gives a fairly clear and conc...


I backed this project today. What an awesome desk ornament this will make.

The relationship between profits and social responsibility is a topic I’ve touched on many times here over the years. I believe you can be a socially responsible person, investor, or company and also be a high performing one. I tweeted this yesterday on the news that our friend Shri has...

The purpose of planning isn’t simply to be planned and organized. Instead, the purpose of planning is to be able to deal with the unexpected and unplanned with the kind of engagement and spontaneity that comes from knowing that you have done your best to deal with everything you can c...

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