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Will this matter in 10 years?1

There’s a good chance that you’re faced with one of the following today – An opportunity to be annoyed about something trivial A realization that someone upset you Awareness about someone you don’t like who seems to have gotten ahead in their careers or gotten rich Frustration at something that didn’t go your way A desire for a quick fix to a problem that requires thought When any of this happens, just ask – “Will this matter in 10 years?” It is amazing what happens when we react to short term emotions by thinking about the long term. Most things that annoy, upset, or worry us don’t matter in the long term. We realize that, in the long term, we’ll likely only care about having learnt and grown through our journey, done our best to do work that matters and built a few strong, trusting, relationships. The rest is gravy. When in doubt, optimize for the long term. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related https://alearningaday.com/2017/10/12/will-this-matter-in-10-years/

When teams and organizations become corporations1

We have all done business with small company teams. We know everyone working on the team and hope they succeed and grow. Over time, they do succeed and grow bigger. Now, they’ve become an organization as they’ve got people in specialized roles working to serve us well. Along the way, they’ve added a few extra policies and procedures – some of which don’t really improve the experience. But, for the most part, we still care about them. As a customer, we know we matter to them. Then, one day, they make a decision – sometimes implicit – to stop treating us as people and start treating as numbers. We always had a customer number or ID. But, now, that ID is central. It doesn’t matter if we come or go. We’re just a statistic. Writing to them doesn’t matter because employees don’t have to time to waste with the average customer. The same corporations, if successful, continue to grow so big that they also begin to treat their employees the same way. And, over time, that results in their inevitable decline. They might still be large behemoths for an extra few decades given their sheer size. But, their obituary has already been written. Teams and organizations become corporations the day everyone in their organizations is taught to treat customers as numbers. As a result, the relevant question for most successful teams and organization that are doing well is not – “Can we scale?” It is – “Can we scale while still treating our customers and employees as people?” That’s the question great organizations are built on. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related https://alearningaday.com/2017/10/13/when-teams-and-organizations-become-corporations/

The war against coal is over

Scott Pruitt, the Chief of the Environment Protection Agency, said today that “The war against coal is over.” He would be rolling back a rule to limit greenhouse emissions from existing power plants today. They can go back to producing coal. He is right in a sense. The war against coal is indeed over – but, for reasons different than he thinks. As Stanford Professor Tony Seba explains, The cost of solar has moved from $100/Watt in 1970 to $0.33/Watt in 2012 – a 303x decline. Solar prices go down roughly ~11% every year. Compared to fossil fuel sources which have gotten more expensive, Solar’s costs have improved between 1800x and 5000x. As a result, the install base has doubled every year since 2000. Everything I’ve read on behavioral economics has taught me that the best way to get us to make better decisions is to align the environment and incentives. Solar is getting cheaper and it will soon become a no-brainer, economically, for the world to switch to solar. I am optimistic about this happening in the next decade. And, I am excited for that and the end of the war on coal. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related https://alearningaday.com/2017/10/10/the-war-against-coal-is-over/

My new book came out today!43

My new book came out today! Source: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/dogs_as_men_book

Reaching people on the internet14

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