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Feature Friday: AirCraft By Dronebase

I hesitate to call this a feature, even though it is, as AirCraft is a way bigger deal than a new feature. Our portfolio company Dronebase operates the largest drone pilot network in the world. Tens of thousands of pilots fly missions for Dronebase and the Dronebase mobile apps are used by most of these pilots to do these missions. Pilots connect their mobile phones to their drone consoles and the smartphone adds a lot of capability during the mission. So what else can a smartphone do for a drone mission? Well it can add augmented reality. AirCraft is the first augmented reality drone platform for commercial and recreational activities. What AirCraft is, at the most fundamental level, is the ability for the drone to be a cursor in the sky. AirCraft allows drone pilots to make something like this in the sky: AirCraft is available in the Dronebase iPhone Pilot App today and will be available in the Dronebase Android app later this year. If you want to build a virtual drone race course, you can do that with AirCraft. If you want to build a flight plan for a drone pilot to do a regular survey of your radio tower, you can do that with AirCraft. If you want to build a virtual city in the sky, you can do that with AirCraft. The possibilities are endless, kind of like Minecraft in the sky. So if you have a drone and the Dronebase iPhone app, you have AirCraft and you can get going on building things in the sky.

Doing the work and presenting the work

Would the iPhone have been as successful if Apple shipped it without that presentation from Steve Jobs? Given how exceptional the device turned out to be, it just might have. But, that presentation sure helped.  A lot. In fact, years of doing those phenomenal presentations meant the iPhone was already set up for success. There are many of us who separate doing the work and presenting the work. And, I’ve heard many talk about how they feel they’re good at doing the work but not as good as presenting it. I’m definitely one of them. I’ve moaned about it in the past. And, even if I moan about it less, I often slip on giving enough thought to the presentation and narrative. But, as in the case of the iPhone, presenting that piece of genius in a way that befit it was an important part of doing the work. It is hard to separate the effect of the making and the sharing. Sure, it would be impossible to present something that isn’t built. But, once it is built, the presentation is a key part. The presentation isn’t always a presentation of course. It is about building and sharing a story that resonates with the folks who’d like to buy it. We also call this marketing. Companies that succeed do a phenomenal job marrying great R&D (research and development) and marketing. We need to do so in our work as well. Do the work first. But, don’t forget to take a step back afterward and share a story that resonates. Give your work the story it deserves. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related

My new book came out today!37

My new book came out today! Source:

Reaching people on the internet8

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Token Summits in SF and NYC1

The Token Summit, run by AVC regulars William Mouyagar and Nick Tomaino, announced two more events in the coming months, Dec 5th 2017 in San Francisco and May 17 2018 in New York. The first Token Summit was held in NYC at NYU last May, and sold out. Here’s a highlight reel from it. Today, William and Nick have published the agenda for the San Francisco conference, and you can find it here. It is being held at the Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF, in a hall that will fit 600 people. Some of USV’s portfolio companies will be presenting, and I am sure William and Nick will have yet another successful event. If you want to learn about where the token economy is going, and network with the entrepreneurs and companies who are leading it, the Token Summit is a great place to do that.