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200x Growth

Back in 2011, my partner Brad suggested that USV invest in a search engine called DuckDuckGo. I laughed at the idea, “why would we ever want to compete with Google?” “Because they do something Google will never do”, Brad explained. That thing was private search, no storage of search history, no storing of personal information. DuckDuckGo was doing about 100,000 searches a day when we had that conversation. Last week, they had a day in which over 20mm direct searches were done. That’s 200x growth over the six plus years we have been invested in DuckDuckGo. Brad was right, of course, and I saw that pretty quickly as did everyone else at USV and we made that investment. And I’m very glad we did. I suspect I’ve told this story a few times now at AVC. I love it so much.

Unexpected behaviors

The most common response to unexpected behaviors from humans or systems is one of surprise. In some cases, the surprise leads to panicked reactions and temper tantrums. However, “But, it was unexpected” is a really lame excuse for an immature response. That’s because unexpected behaviors are the most predictable outcomes when humans and systems interact with each other. Their exact nature may be unexpected but their presence is not. So, if something is expected and inevitable, there’s no place for panicked and frazzled reactions. A creative, constructive and corrective response is all we need. And, if you feel up to it, a sense of humor is a bonus that would work great, too. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related

My new book came out today!55

My new book came out today! Source:


When you search for rich, you see two meanings for the word. When I was growing up, I defined rich as the first meaning – having a great deal of money or assets. But, I’ve realized over time that money and assets is just one kind of wealth. Similar to the second meaning, I think the other kind of wealth comes from a place of peace of mind and confidence. It recognizes that, if you live simply, money can be abundant. And, it helps us appreciate the fact that there’s plenty of wealth and goodness out there for all of us. It is on us to be grateful and spread this wealth and goodness. The first kind of wealth is easy to measure and more fickle. Focusing on it typically leads to us obsessing about maintaining or growing it. The second kind of wealth is harder to measure and, in many ways, harder to get to. But, unlike the first kind, once it arrives, it is here to stay. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related

Reaching people on the internet26

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