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Announcing The Next 2 Token Summits: San Francisco and New York

Source: http://startupmanagement.org/2017/10/13/announcing-the-next-2-token-summits-san-francisco-and-new-york/ Yesterday, I tweeted that Nick Tomaino and I are bringing the next Token Summit to San Francisco on December 5th 2017. The location we chose is the stylish Mission Bay Conference Center at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). We will be using Robertson Hall which can hold 600 seated people. For these next 2 conferences, we are evolving from the ICO topic, and focusing more on the Successful Business Models behind Designing Token-Based Economies. This has always been about the token, and less about the ICO itself. For San Francisco, we have announced only 4 key speakers: Kathryn Haun, Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan and Fred Ehrsam. Many more on the way, as we sift through the choices and options, and we will announce them over the next days, along with initial sponsors. As well, there will be some surprise announcements, new company pitches, panels and a couple of solo presentations. Here is the registration link for the San Francisco Token Summit II event. And here is the one for the New York Token Summit III 2018 event. We will soon unravel an update website as well. We also just released the sizzle video tape from the last Token Summit 2017 in New York. It is 2 minute-long, with clips of highlights from that inaugural event. If you attended, you can check out if you appear in it! We hope to see many of you in San Francisco and / or New York City.

Angst at the airport

Go to any boarding queue at the airport and you’re likely to find someone in angst. “This boarding line seems to be too long.” “Why are they taking forever?” “This airline is so incompetent.” The angst is useless, of course. Everybody in that area is going to the same place and will get there at the same time. If a delay is meant to happen, it’ll happen anyway. Complaining about it isn’t going to do anyone any favors. But, this post could just as easily been about angst at the DMV or angst at the office. Angst is hardly ever useful and nearly always unhelpful. If you are that unusual person for whom angst spurs constructive action, please ignore this post. But, for the rest of us, any time we find ourselves feeling angst, let’s ask ourselves – “Is this moment going to matter in 5 years?” Assuming it isn’t (and it generally isn’t), let’s just put some music on our headphones or open up a book and let it pass. If it is going to matter, let’s just put some music on or open up a book anyway. Angst isn’t going to help with constructive action. Some calm is. The world will be better for it. And, we will be happier too. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading... Related https://alearningaday.com/2017/09/29/angst-at-the-airport/

My new book came out today!17

My new book came out today! Source: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/dogs_as_men_book

If pens worked like printers18

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Funding Friday: Mobile App Controlled Paper Airplane

I just backed this project. I looks like so much fun. I used to love paper airplanes when I was a kid. http://avc.com/2017/10/funding-friday-mobile-app-controlled-paper-airplane/